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 The Box is Bigger Than You Make It

I’ve heard and seen people place others in boxes expecting the masses to all be that way. Often its by habit. The majority of the time its by past experiences viewing the world through a small whole called pain. Social media is merely a fraction of peoples lives. The internet, no matter how indepth you do research on someone, does not tell you everything about someone. If the cloud can not be defined…







Are You Using Your Free Will or Complaining?

file6651260900780I’ve noticed that when people are down, they give in too quickly; with ease. They have become conditioned to idea of defeat, so much so, that they see no way out. 

I was speaking with the co-host of The Gumbo Cafe, Diyah of Ori’s Oasis, on Monday and we both noticed people were making more excuses as to why they would rather remain broke instead of taking action. It’s as if people have become conditioned to the fact that being lazy is normal and work is the thing of the past. Working isn’t as difficult as being lazy.


Axiology is the Study of Value

valuesIn discussing business, or any other human endeavor, it is essential to be aware of priorities; those of your customers and your own. Understand: every move people make in life is dictated by their unique value system.  If they spend money with you, their desires are being met. If not, something is either in the way or your product/service does not provide the greatest return on investment –you will only be able to judge this in real time.




I remember in Psychology class hearing about the stages of grieving. My cousin Ayanna was the first one to mention the process to me but in Psych we went in depth with children dealing with divorce. Psychiatrist Elisabeth Kübler-Ross mentioned in her book “On Death and Dying” 5 stages that we all go through during a loss. By the way, one of the reasons why I despise the term weight loss is because subconsciously we correlate the term loss to something negative or death. I’ll probably speak on that in a blog one day but…



Shani’s Current Course

First time publishing and wish to know which steps to take? Are you already published but tired of having to go through another agency to put your work out there? Looking for a way to be an entrepreneur and publishing is the route you wish to take? Learn Seven easy steps on How to Publish! 7 Steps to Publishing will give you the basics in publishing your first novel without having to deal with agents, managers, or publishing houses…


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